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What Is An Online Newsroom?

Wieck Australasia’s Online Newsroom is a deadline-oriented media relations website designed by seasoned media professionals with vast experience in both News and PR.

These powerful multimedia databases offer comprehensive user management allowing you to tailor your offerings for selected individuals.

Wieck’s Online Newsrooms organise and deliver your information – text, images, audio and video – in the reproduction and broadcast formats preferred by media. Unlike other software or in-house applications, our Newsrooms never require significant work or technical management by your team — you can be sure that a professional engagement with Wieck Australasia will multiply your capabilities without taxing your resources.

Your Online Newsroom is configured to suit your individual needs and budget. You only pay for the things you need, not for the things you don’t.

Now more than ever, with the demands of social media, every minute of every day is a deadline. An Online Newsroom makes sure your media message doesn’t miss it.

You decide what information to present to the media, and our Online Newsroom will deliver it. Wieck offers 24/7 editorial support for customers and media alike. Wieck completely manages the Newsroom allowing you to focus on communications strategies and reputation management for your brand.

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