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81% of Journalists Turn to Company Websites – Is Your Online Newsroom Ready?

November 12, 2011

Source: 2011 Arketi Web Watch Media Survey

A survey by Arketi Group has found that 81% of business journalists turn to corporate websites when they are unable to find a source.

And what makes the website useful when they get there?

Aside from the basics of contact information and search capabilities, providing reproduction multimedia assets is proving to be of significant importance.

At Wieck, we provide our clients with the capability to deliver all of these resources with our online newsrooms.

The opportunities for PR professionals don’t stop there; 80% say they rely on PR contacts, 77% on press releases and 71% on email alerts.

The survey also seems to suggest that traditional media is shifting the way that it delivers the news with 36% of the journalists saying that 75% of their news outlet’s website is original content that doesn’t appear in the print publication. This underlines the need for PRs to recognise the changing requirements of traditional media and respond accordingly.

The days of sending out a press release without multimedia assets are gone. In the world of modern media, PRs must provide downloadable reproduction quality images and broadcast video on their online newsrooms, or risk losing 81% of their opportunities.

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