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What Strategy do you use for Strategic Communications?

September 23, 2011

More and more public relations professionals and being encouraged to move beyond media relations and get more involved in social media, crisis communications, CSR and, most importantly, strategic communications.

Given the scope of what corporate communicators are now required to do, it’s baffling that the senior management of many major corporations don’t place greater significance on both internal and external communications. Indeed many public relations managers still report to marketing managers… But I digress!

Taking your seat at the table when it comes to strategic communications is no longer enough. Modern communicators should be driving the discussion. Strategic communications directly impacts on corporate reputation and the public profile of a brand.

The only problem is – how do you do it?

The Justinarium blog has taken the initiative and is writing a series of posts on how to achieve successful strategic communications plans.

The first step seems simple enough – create a formalised plan. Having the goal posts in place right from the start and a plan of how to get there is vital to any successful campaign.

It might sound simple however since so much time is taken up by meetings, responding to media requests, (something that could be significantly reduced with an online newsroom) meetings, managing clients/agencies, meetings, dealing with the crisis of the day, meetings and usually there’s another meeting to attend. All of this culminates in PRs becoming reactive rather than proactive so it’s understandable that creating a formalised plan rarely happens; understandable, not desirable.

Justinarium is going to cover the following 5 steps in upcoming blogs which he believes are critical for strategic communications:

1.    Define what you want to achieve
2.    Assess where things currently are, inside and out
3.    Analyze and Establish a Plan
4.    Execute
5.    Evaluate and, if needed, change course

Definitely worth checking out –

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