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Isn’t it time you were Offering Video as part of your Media Strategy?

May 5, 2011

Video is emerging as one of the most sought after content types on the Internet. Youtube reportedly receives 35 hours of video content every minute.

While it’s easy to dismiss this evidence of people’s affinity for the moving image as irrelevant to news media, a recent survey by D S Simon, suggests there are vast opportunities for PR to catch a ride on this wave of popularity.

According to their survey of 1,000 media across TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and web media properties 85% use online video content to cover the news. That’s 33% more than last year.

Of those that use video content, 84% say they are using third-party video in addition to in-house created content. Predictably, radio stations, magazines and newspapers are the biggest users of externally provided video.

Douglas Simon, CEO of D S Simon, says, “The 2011 Web Influencers Survey illustrates the shift from textual or static communications to video communications by media websites.  It appears that almost all forms of media have transformed themselves into online television networks.  It appears this trend will continue to accelerate given the response to our question of whether web media companies planned to increase their use of video footage.  Nearly four-fifths of respondents indicated they would use more or much more video in 2011 than they did in 2010.”

This survey is further evidence that the modern PR profession must include multimedia to support their media campaigns.

Having a comprehensive Online Newsroom that provides the media with broadcast quality video and reproduction quality images to support press releases and media alerts is no longer a luxury but a necessary tool.

If you aren’t providing video content, and just as importantly making it readily available via an Online Newsroom, there is no doubt you are missing out on opportunities – possibly as many as 85% of them.

Hear about the report form Doug Simon himself in the video below.

The full survey results can be accessed here:

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