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Salt and Shein Survey Suggests Social Media Shift for Movers and Shakers

March 29, 2011

Salt & Shein is the only Australian recruitment consultancy specialising solely in search and selection of corporate affairs and communication executives.

Every year, they conduct a survey to benchmark changes in the world of corporate communications. The most recent survey, conducted in December 2010, asked 461 communication professionals questions about their jobs and skills as well as their aspirations and fears.

While the bulk of the survey revolves around questions of employment and remuneration, (some of which may be quite depressing, especially if you’re not in the Pharmaceutical Industry) there are a couple of interesting results about the attitudes towards social media.

Almost one in four (24.4%) said social media was most significant for corporate brand development, with internal communication ranked next at 18.1% and community relations ranked at 15.1%. Only 7.8% of respondents said social media was most significant for product marketing.

Over half (52.5%) said Online Communication has replaced the focus on “all traditional media” with Industry Journals (16.9%) and Newspapers (15.8%) the most significant segments to suffer from the surge of social media. Traditional broadcasters faired much better with focus away from Radio at only 8.1% and Television 6.7%.

There are also some eyebrow raising responses to questions on the GFC.

Over a quarter of those surveyed (27.2%) believe good corporate affairs is more valued than ever as a result of the GFC and 9.6% believe it’s been positive for their business. Additionally, 82% claim their budget has stayed the same or risen since last financial year.

The full results can be found here.

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