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Marketers seem to have forgotten that the Consumer knows best

November 10, 2010

A survey by Alterian, “Brands At Risk” has revealed a huge difference between what consumers want and what marketers are giving them in regards to social media.

While it’s prudent to take any statistics with a grain of salt, his one suggests only 6% of companies are ready to engage with customers while 82% of customers actively want to engage with the company.

81% of the people surveyed for this study saw the internet as the ‘first port of call’ to compare products or services yet only 5% of consumers surveyed trusted the advertising from an organisation.

Effective engagement with the customer via social media may be one way for companies to bridge the gap between the desire for interaction and the inherent mistrust of advertising, so why aren’t marketers embracing this arena?

It could be argued that the time involved in developing and implementing social media strategies is much greater than the time involved in traditional media. This argument fails to consider the fact that, for the cost of an average TV campaign, a much more effective and longer lasting social media campaign with a higher impact could be launched.

It’s also worth noting New Media Age published survey results in January 2010 indicating that just 14% of marketers believe social media has a significant impact on their brand and 60% do not currently have a social media strategy for their business.Â

For the full story from SEO Chicks, see

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