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ABC interview with The Guardian’s editor, Alan Rusbridger

November 8, 2010

Mark Colvin’s interview with Alan Rusbridger provides a fascinating insight into the philosophy of London’s The Guardian newspaper which has promised to stay free online. This promise in in response to News Corp’s London Times and Sunday Times going behind the paywall.

When asked about the future of newspapers, Rusbridger replies, “It’s beyond my control. It’ll be in the hands of people who are going to invent the digital devices, it’ll be in the decisions of readers and my overwhelming aim is just to keep on producing The Guardian in a form which will suit whatever technology people invent.”

His opinion on contributions by the general public are also quite unexpected, “I think journalists have to ask themselves whether they really are the only figures of authority and whether they know more in all circumstances than their readers or whether we can adopt a more, slightly more humble approach and say well, we do know things and we do have certain skills but out there our readers probably know more than we do about certain things or are equally qualified to express views.”

Well worth reading –

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